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Yoga and chanting in pure nature.

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Community Generated Workshops

In addition to our scheduled line-up, we offer a fresh new template for how alternate workshops function. This is an “open space technology” and we call it Community Generated Workshops. It is by volunteer basis, and anyone coming to the festival can offer any workshop they feel inspired to share!  There is nothing set up ahead of time, so you simply arrive, find the white board with time slots and fit yourself into the line-up, with your workshop of choice.   It’s unplugged, and a first come first serve basis (be sure to purchase your discount tickets) with a limit of one workshop per person, ensuring that many of our talent and wisdom holders have their space to shine. There are a set number of time slots, so arrive early.  Festival gates open at 5pm Friday August 17.

A festival that generates itself? Yes! This is the next level of festival community making.

 Inspirational Guest Speakers

Spiritual Sustainability – A Satsang

Our ability to maintain our spiritual altitude (or rate of frequency) is the source which generates all material conditions. This satsang will explore the natural inner resources required to maintain freshness, vigor and balance in our spiritual perception and our ecology, as well as our most common inner depletions.

Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a spiritual teacher, author and mystic dedicated to opening the way to individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. Her work supports spiritual awakening and personal freedom through meditations, mystical teachings, self-inquiry and contemplation. Through simple yet profound teachings, she has helped countless individuals from across the globe find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of her teachings lies the transformation of human consciousness, an awakening she sees as the next step in our evolution.  Berdhanya was born in Cartagena, Colombia and currently resides in Wakefield, Quebec (Canada).

For more information on upcoming courses, visit her website at (click photo) or visit her after the Satsang at the festival.

Click here to view a video sneak peak of this satsang

The Healing Trees: The Edible and Herbal Qualities of Northeastern Woodland Trees

By moving off-grid to a farm in the Wilno Hills of Eastern Ontario, Robbie Anderman left behind his former way of life, his allergy shots and pills, and the social supports that he was used to. He quickly discovered that he needed to learn how to live on the land that had become his home.  Running down to the drugstore or herb shop to buy a remedy for what ailed him was no longer an option. Surrounded by nature’s pharmacy, he began gathering his own herbs. Then came the long winter when the most commonly used herbs were no longer available. In a land so populated with Trees, it made sense to look to them for healing. Thus began a journey of forty-eight years during which Robbie researched, nibbled, sampled, and learned the lore of the Healing Trees. The Healing Trees is the essential guidebook, organized in an easy-to-use manner that Robbie wishes he’d had as a resource when he first moved to the Wilno Hills.

Robbie Anderman has had an intimate working relationship with Trees for several decades, as orchardist, nurseryperson, Tree pruner, luthier, woodwind musician, off-grid forest homesteader, sustainable Tree harvester, and Tree herbalist using Tree medicine for himself and friends and family.   He has planted and tended pear, apple, plum, and nut orchards organically in his farm community and for others; worked for years at a small Tree nursery; handcrafted local woods into hundreds of musical instruments: mountain dulcimers, kantele harps, Celtic harps, and Native American flutes; as a musician produced three music CDs.

Robbie’s life skills and achievements have also included co-founding in 1969 the 100-acre intentional land-based off-grid community which is still his home, an ongoing learning/teaching/pioneering experiment in co-operative, Earth-friendly living, consensus decision-making, natural building, organic gardening and farming, and home schooling for many of the children, including his own children and grandchildren.  For six weeks in 1969, Robbie helped set up campsites and the free kitchen; was on the “Security Please Force”; and helped clean up at the big “Demonstration of Peace,” The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. Co-operation, sharing, and feeding each other while mutually enduring challenging weather and enjoying great music and people were simple basic lessons he learned and demonstrated there.  Living lightly on, and close to, the land came by osmosis while living in a tipi in eleven various widespread locations in North America for over fifteen months. With winter coming on in 1978, he built a ten-by-ten-foot log and Birchbark cabin, half in the ground, with a sod roof, and lived in there for three winters.  With his life partner, Christina, taking the lead, in 1998 Robbie helped develop, make, market, and distribute Cool Hemp Organic, Fair Trade, non-dairy frozen dessert, which was available in over 200 supermarkets and natural food retail stores in Canada for over ten years.

 Yoga, Meditation & Dance

Pranayama – Cultivating momentum
Nai’a Elemental Trance Dance

For a better understanding of one’s self, Trance Dance or Elemental Dance as taught by Nai’a, offers a moment of exploration of the elements of nature; through breathwork, movement, rythme, music…  Blending yogic, tantric and shamanic approaches, juggling between collective and individual dynamics, guided or freestyle, one truly embarks on a journey, a gradual expansion of energy, following the increasing frequency of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Leading towards liberation, opening our heart and balancing our masculine and feminine energies, this process allows one to be more in tune with its own true self, as well as to be more in tune with others. Let’s take a moment for that.

Where many have started their Yoga journey looking for a physical workout and fitness, to gradually end up discovering a deeper spiritual experience, Hari did the reversed path. He began his journey from a very spiritual outlook, in tune with most subtle and abstract experiences, which he had to learn to integrate and embody in the most concrete world. Trained in Hatha and Meditation (200hrs) , Vinyasa (60hrs) , Kundalini (200hrs) , Pranayama (500hrs) and Trance Dance (30hrs), Hari Focused on developing his own understanding of the core values of Yoga in his life.

Breathe Yoga

Hatha class suited to everyone, taught a slower pace to enhance mind/body connection. Strong focus on breath in and out of the poses. We will work through the Chakras(energy centers of the body) with Naad, sacred Biji seed sounds to open up the postures in a more holistic way. Allowing the resonance of these sounds to help relax the nervous system, calm the emotional body and facilitate a deeper connection to your higher spiritual nature. We will stretch and strengthen our way to Bliss through a balancing and merging of our entire Being.

Stef Caissie has been meditating consistently since his early 30’s, long before he came to Yoga. Injury brought him to the yoga practice from a 20 year gym background. Seeing how the practice healed himself, he is inspired to share with everyone else. He brings a calming, gentle spirit with strong focus on breath awareness and the meditative power it brings to Yoga. He has been teaching Yoga full time since Sept. 2016. He teaches classes of all styles from restorative to hot power, with everything done at a slower pace to increase the mind/body awareness. His passion for Yoga is boundless, his care and attentive nature will make even the most anxious feel calm and relaxed.

Journeying into Bliss with Dharma Yoga

featuring a Healing Soundscape by Rebecca White Raven

Solidly entrenched in classical Hatha-Raja techniques and teachings, Dharma Yoga exercises all the elements of yoga in an exceedingly holistic and beneficial way! Come discover a yoga tradition whose methods and philosophy will enable you to make rapid progress on your path and make every moment that you spend practicing feel more meaningful and transformative…  Be sure to add this highly unique and blissful opportunity to turn inward to your weekend agenda!

Justine Hoang (Anjali Om) is an Ottawa native and registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and continuing education provider (YACEP), through the Yoga Alliance Foundation of America. She offers classes, workshops, and retreats regularly throughout her local area and beyond, extending into the USA and Europe. Since 2011, Justine has been studying extensively with Sri Dharma Mittra, completing the advanced teacher certification programs with him and acting as his teaching assistant at several prominent yoga festivals. Her knowledge of Dharma Yoga is complemented by her training accreditations in a number of other yoga lineages, including Ashtanga Yoga, Acro Yoga Montreal, and Akhanda Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga – Elevate Yourself

Kundalini Yoga is one of the oldest yoga types and one of the most powerful. It includes elements of all other types of yoga, such as asanas, pranayamas, drishti, mudra, mantra, bandhas, etc. It allows us to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Jiwan is a Kundalini yoga teacher from Quebec city. Co-Founder of Kundatelier and Les Élixirs des Fées Veda. One of her goals is to allow people to access their full creative potential. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanism practitioner and Artist.  She has been in the yoga world for 10 years and a Kundalini Yoga teacher for over a year.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Yoga is not just movement or an exercise. There is a whole unexplored world of yoga that is calling you from deep within. Come flow and learn about why we do yoga, why we meditate, what mudras, pranayama, mantra are and how they help you become balanced and harmonious. I’ll expand on what it is to disconnect so you can reconnect.  Come engage in heart based living and learn to tune in to your inner wisdom, your inner light, your inner Guru, your Home.

Yoga has been one of the greatest gifts and teachers in Stacey’s life and she is eternally grateful for that. Stacey has been teaching yoga for almost ten years. She is also an RMT and has been sharing massage and other therapeutic treatments for close to fifteen years. Stacey is passionate about yoga, meditation, her personal practice and what she shares with her students. She travels to India every year or two, to study and bring back yoga’s ancient teachings. She loves to be in nature, sing, dance, play her guitar, organize retreats and workshops and of course explore and share yoga. Stacey offers classes for children, adults, chronic pain and cancer patients. Stacey is all about Wellness to Thrive, Heart Based Living and Unity Through Community.

Nurture You

Naomi’s class is one where bodies, minds and hearts come to reset.  She offers a unique Flow class; gentle Vinyasa and creative Hatha.  This class is for all bodies and walks of life, to immerse in the senses, exactly as you are.  She paints you landscapes with her words.  You won’t need your eyes for this class, you’ll see without them.  It’s about listening and hearing all that which occurs within.  Students can peel back their layers in Naomi’s class and connect with the Higher Self.  We’ll begin practice on the Earth  connecting with the breath to harness the energy.  A gentle warm up will invite feeling into the body, waking up different parts of the Self.  With precise cuing and continuing guidance to hold space for the mind, students can explore their depths.  We’ll embody the balance of ease and effort, with a peppering of fire here and there.  Students will leave class feeling sweetly restored and radiating empowerment.

Naomi’s teachings are profoundly inspired by nature and coming home to Source.  She honors every class she teaches as an opportunity to share her passion for self inquiry and healing.  Through the power of breath, mindful movement, Reiki, aromatherapy, insightful stories and giggles, Naomi delivers creative and dynamic teachings, relevant to the moment.  She cares deeply for every student, and intuitively offers a refreshing body positive environment for students to explore.  Recognizing how unique we all are, Naomi teaches a class that celebrates the full spectrum of the human experience.

Yin Yoga with Live Chants

Yin yoga is a slow paced style of yoga with passive postures held for longer periods of time.  Yin aims at improving flexibility, cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.  In this particular class, mantra and songs will be sung to enhance your practice and deepen your meditative state.

Mélanie St-Jean is a certified yoga teacher in Kripalu yoga since 2014. She is also trained in restorative, yin and curvy yoga. Melanie approaches the practice of yoga with awareness and self-acceptance, as we are, in the moment. Melanie’s approach favors gentleness, self-respect and proposes several alternatives or modifications. In her classes, she uses asanas, breathing techniques, deep relaxation and meditation, as well as mantra chanting to explore the physical and emotional sensations, to cultivate inner calm, peace and harmony.

Inner Yin

A slow paced yoga which targets deep layers of our connective tissues by holding a pose for a long period. Yin Yoga opens these deep, dense, rarely touched areas.

Brenna developed a love for movement at a very young age, and began practicing Yoga regularly in University. After developing expertise in personal training, Yoga and spinning instruction, Brenna became a professor at Algonquin College where she teaches leadership, psychology, and fitness. This unique blend of psychological and physical knowledge qualifies Brenna to guide both groups and individuals through several categories of self-improvement.

Aroma Yoga –  Celebrate One’s Own Power

This class is a celebration of one’s own freedom (Sva Tantria). Let us remember that no one or no thing can impact our inner freedom unless it is allowed. This practice of hip openers and backbends will create more space in the body and help us remember our own power. These postures, combined with oils such as peppermint to lift the mood and energetically open the heart and wild orange, are used to remind us that life is creative and playful.  The combination of yoga, sound healing music and essential oils will delight our senses as we come together for awareness, community and joy.  Participants, please bring your yoga mat, a belt and blanket/towel.  Johanna will be joined by Rebecca White Raven’s sound healing talents.

Johanna’s approach is gentle with a focus on breath and body awareness. She is a yoga teacher and an occupational therapist. She works/lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut and offers aroma yoga classes at Saimavik Studio. When she can, she shares yoga to remote arctic communities. She enjoys teaching kids and adults of all abilities. In Ottawa, Johanna taught at multiple places including Rama Lotus Yoga studio and her local YMCA.  Johanna loves sharing her gratitude for yoga and hopes you enjoy the experience of aroma yoga. Let’s feel some yoga bliss!

Calling your Spirit!

Immerse yourself in 60 minutes of deep inner connection with Lil*Bear as she guides you on this journey to your spirit. How would you rate your connection to your spirit? Does it lead the way most of the time? Do you know it’s there, sense its presence and want more? Or is it time to lovingly call it back fo you? Your spirit loves to dwell in a sacred sanctuary and this class will create a fertile ground within each cell of your body and radiate that out to seduce your spirit in!

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Lil*Bear spent a snowboard season in British Columbia, a year in Montreal, another in Paris breakdancing, and 11 years in Canada’s remote arctic where she created youth outreach dance programs that toured around Canada and built the first ever yoga studio in Nunavut. She is back in Ottawa training to become a registered massage therapist (RMT) so she can bring her healing magic to a whole new level.  Lil*bear has over 1500 hours of teaching yoga and far more then that teaching break dancing and fitness. Some of her formal trainings include: Vinyasa YTT, Hatha YTT (assistant), Yin YTT, Forrest Foundations and Advanced YTT, Envision YTT, Yoga bodyworkers (400 hours), Manifesting through the Chakra’s with Anodea Judith and a number of other workshops.

Rewild Your Yoga

A forty five minute yoga life experience with a focus on core strength, forearm balance and inversions. Long sequences on each side of the body, and deep fascial stretching for primal movement.

Though the journey for me commenced seven years ago, in a quiet yoga studio in downtown Hamilton, little did I know that Yoga would become a mainstay of my life, and a primary technique for keeping myself healthy, focused, and in tune with the cycles of nature. In the years since stepping onto my mat, I have practiced yoga in fourteen countries, demonstrated yoga to youth in the rural mountain regions of Oaxaca, participated in yoga sessions in the jungles of Yucatan, and trained as a teacher in southern Mexico. I’ve found hundreds of different ways to manipulate my body, and found myself lost in meditation for hours at a time in some remote corner of the world. Mastery is a strong aim of my practice, full awareness fused with the natural flow of movement over a piece of ground. I see yoga as dynamic, rather than static, and experience yoga as a healing, transcendental process, one of pure embodiment and activation of our primal bodies.

Hatha Flow Class

As a practice that reminds us of our unique strengths and gifts, this all levels hatha yoga sequence awakens our potential and expands our radiance. Practiced in silence and offering specific mantras, pranayamas and mudras this sequence of sun salutations, standing postures, backbends, twists, seated postures and inversions, brings the feeling of stability and ease to the body and mind, leaving us connected with our innate radiance.

As a Holistic Lifestyle Specialist, her expertise are expressed in her skills as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist, a Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Specialist, and Astrologer. With these being interrelated practices, the more we understand and integrate one, the better we understand and can integrate another. This is why her lifestyle, teachings, and consulting services bring all of them to life. She loves working with people of all ages and all walks of life in both private and group settings. Her 20+ years of experience have allowed her to teach and consult with people who want to benefit from these holistic practices for personal well-being, as well as for healing or managing a particular issue. She also offers certification programs for aspiring teachers and provides training for current teachers who want to delve into the deeper dimensions of yoga and Ayurveda for personal growth or to better share their knowledge with their students or clients. She is a regular contributor to magazines and online publications and the author of Inspired Living a Guided Yoga Journal.

Laughter Yoga

“ We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh”.  Laughter yoga class is a great way to get people to connect, release endorphins and have a great time!  Laughter yoga is a unique concept where ones are invited to laugh without the use of jokes, humor or comedy. All that is needed is childlike playfulness and a willingness to laugh. Participants will soon see how fake laughter will transform into genuine and contagious laughter releasing endorphins and making us feel instantly happier and full of beautiful energy.

Genevieve is an educator, traveler, entrepreneur, Reiki master and a professional giggler. She recently moved back to Canada after working for 5 years in the Philippines. During that period of time she worked for a virtual world for kids and co-founded an NGO called Pandoo Foundation. Their mission to empower through the means of education lead Pandoo to create many projects which included a community center, a mobile library, a volleyball league for girls to name a few. The foundation has helped over 25,000 families.   An avid traveler and adventurer seeker, Genevieve recently took a few months to travel in Bali, Nepal and India to deepen her mindfulness practice. During that time in India she completed her Laughter Yoga course with the Laughter Yoga University and was inspired by the founder Dr. Kataria to continue sharing the joy of laughter.

Play & Work Shops

Sacred Sound Journey

Experience a heart-opening inner experience assisted by the great power of sound.  Rebecca will guide us into a magical space in our hearts where we will have a deep connection with Mother Earth and can dream and explore our inner worlds.   Delight in the vibrations of crystal singing bowls, gongs, tingshaws, drums, rattles, Spirit drum, koshi chimes, vocals and more during this blissful session.

Rebecca White Raven is an Ottawa based musician, kirtan wallah, and sound healer.   She delights in bringing community together, empowering others, and holding an intentional space for groups to experience consciousness raising through sound, song and dance.

Connecting with the Spirit of Nature: A Guided Meditation with Gaia and Elemental Friends

A guided inner journey meditation, to meet Mother Gaia, an animal spirit guide and 4 elemental nature spirits. To connect with the wisdom and consciousness that fosters the purpose of sustainability, gratitude and thriving within our connection to the natural world around us.

Alani is both a spiritual teacher, an environmentalist. Personally, she loves gardening and wildcrafting herbs. She is honored to serve at the Chair for the Board of Sustainable Eastern Ontario. Alani is grateful to have received over 20 years of training in several spiritual traditions and have recently celebrated many of her previous students stepping into their stewardship roles of wisdom keepers, as teachers themselves. She has served as a teacher and Guide for more than 15 years and continues to find teaching and leading ceremony among her great joys in life.  Those traditions are anchored in the sacred teachings of the land for generations. As a 7 th mystery school Guide, she carries teachings that have been passed to down from elders for thousands of years. As a Hawaiian Lomi kumu and practitioner, and as an initiated celtic shaman.

Enlightened Sustainability

Our voices and gentle movement prepare us for exploring part of Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process that opens us to the ground of being and to a somatic sense of presence and interconnectedness. We’ll build on this openness through invitations to connect with nearby woodland, the elements and the spirit essence that unifies us. This embodied unity will bring us into closer alignment with the natural world allowing sustainable actions to become intrinsic and effortless.

Kaia Nightingale, MA, is a spiritual counselor, musician and sound healer. She heightens embodied awareness
through Ecstatic Dance and yoga, and recently qualified Forest Therapy Guide enabling experiences to deepen our connection with the natural world.  Marie-Lynne Sauvé, M.A., VMTR, is a somatic psychotherapist with an interest in expressive arts therapies. She has completed an M.A. in Counselling and Spirituality, training in Voice Movement Therapy and has explored various somatic approaches including Authentic Movement, Realization Process, Body-Mind- Centering and Vocal Improvisation Therapy.  Louis Radakir and JD have been members of Anahat Shabd for over a decade, and have performed regularly at Bhakti in the Woods.

Awakening the Priestess

For many centuries, the title of Priestess has been forgotten and misunderstood.  The rites and ceremonies of Earth wisdom has largely vanished from the conscious awareness in our cultures – yet the knowledge, memories and yearning are still present within the hearts of many people today.  This workshop calls upon those who have heard the request to bring forth their unique shamanic Priestess and Priest selves, and are looking for a starting place to come forward to anchor their light on Earth at this time.  The realm of the Priestess is the realm of ceremony, rites of passage, honoring cycles, earth wisdom, sacred sex, and natural health wisdom.  Contact the deep and subtle parts of yourself through discussion, sound, meditation and contemplation.

Bermalva, a shamanic Priestess, teacher of meditation, yoga, healer, visionary, ceremonialist and spiritual seeker, has been learning how to be a natural human being for the last 18 years. Under the guidance and reassurance of spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra, she has been enriching and deconstructing concepts of Self and sharing her teachings and experiences in classes, workshops, retreats and private practice in the Pontiac area.  She also explores sound light and travels internationally with The Bhakti Connection.  She and her family live off-grid, off the land, and enjoy being sacred stewards of the land for this festival.

The Power of Voice – Vocal Improvisation Playshop

In this playshop, we will use voice and creativity in the service of healing and sustainability.  Free-form improvised singing is an in-the-moment tool to connect more deeply to yourself, to others and to spirit. Working with breath, qualities of voice, rhythm and imagery, we will explore the sounds that live within us and allow our voices to freely express our authentic experience.  Making music together from this centered embodied stance, we will support and hold each other’s unique expression and, through our voices, weave together a web of light that will sustain and nourish this Earth.

Marie-Lynne Sauvé, M.A., VMTR, is a somatic counsellor with an interest in expressive arts therapies. She has completed an M.A. in Counselling and Spirituality, training in Voice Movement Therapy and has explored various somatic approaches including Authentic Movement, Realization Process, Body-Mind-Centering and Vocal Improvisation Therapy. She offers individual counselling in centretown Ottawa and leads workshops in therapeutic voicework.

Dance the Yoga of Life

For thousands of years, yoga has been transmitted by men, gurus who have maintained a certain linearity and austerity in this practice. But since its arrival in the West, the majority of yogis are women. This new energy brings about a rediscovery of fluidity in the movement, like water and brings a new approach to traditional yoga.  The yoga of life proves devotion to the divine through the banal of everyday life. The union, the knowledge of oneself through a higher consciousness in our activities of daily living. The new yin energy that is incorporated in us gives way to a fluidity, adaptability, flexibility, and above all a natural mystery and delight!  Come play with us with the breath of life to establish a unifying awareness.  Yin Yang yoga practice with spontaneous music and movement exploration and healing sounds of divine toning together.

Céline Gingras (Anadi) has been teaching yoga for more than 9 years and on a spiritual path of consciousness for more than 13 years now. She has followed the teachings of amazing gurus such as Amma (Sri Amritanandamayi), Byron Katie as well as many different styles of yoga masters such as Baron Baptiste (vinyasa), Joe Barnett (yin), among many others.  She offers multistyle teacher trainings CYA- 200 hours for the past 3 years and has had more than 40 students graduate from her School of Yoga of Life.  Her approach to life is now based in complete divine devotion: daily practices of Bhakti yoga, finding the joy and the “yummy” factor hidden in everything: even pain and sadness. Because: everything is LOVE. Love heals everything! There is nothing that isn’t LOVE!  Come play and tune in that high frequency vibration of LOVE together and make this even more potent to heal the world! It starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with US!

Medical Qi Gong

Master Lai will share his 50 years of Qi Gong/Energy Healing experience and knowledge with you. He and his associates are excited to show you effective, simple and safe techniques to help you to become stronger, better, wiser and treat most illness.  Qi Gong and Energy Healing helps calm your mind and relax your whole body, improve your wisdom, regulate your emotions, reduce stress and improve your physical & mental health.  Aura and Chakras Meditation for self-empowerment & self-healing.  Beauty massage to refresh your mind, make your eyes bright and sparkling, get rid of wrinkles and make your face smooth and youthful.  Clapping Hands Qi Gong and tapping whole body for anti-virus and treating most of illness

Master Philip Tai Foo Lai, President of Philip Lai Qi Gong Association (incorporated in 2002 as a non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It does not promote or advocate any religion or political party and receives no funding from any organization), CPA, CMA, Certified Naturotherapist, Energy Healer, Master of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, expert in Chinese acupressure, massage and 5 elements Feng Shui. Presenter (Qi Gong Master Instructor) at the 14th World Congress Qigong; TCM 2012 in Toronto. Presenter (Qi Gong Master Instructor) at the Bhakti in the Wood of Canada since 2015. Qi Gong/Tai Chi Master instructor at the WKF 18th World Martial Arts Convention May 2018 in Athens, Greece. Qi Gong/Tai Chi/Kung Fu Master Instructor at Capital Conquest (International Martial Arts Training Event & Competition in Capital Region of Canada) since 2009.  He has over 40 years of experience in healing and teaching.  His passion is to help others bringing happiness, satisfaction and balance to their life by offering treatments and classes. He is a wholehearted spirit who can transmit the full benefits of his knowledge and experience through his classes.

Ayurveda For A New Planetary Consciousness

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old science of mind-body healing, also known as the sister science of yoga.  Today, ayurveda is living a kind of renaissance, as more and more people seek to understand how diet, herbalism, self-care and spiritual practice can be used toward greater health and vitality, and to support our ultimate realization of unity with the whole.  Based in the wisdom of ayurveda, this workshop explores the 3 fundamental energies of creation — called the gunas — in the context of personal and planetary energy, vitality, diversity, inclusion, desire, sustainability and non-attachment. Expect a guided meditation, group conversations and simple principles which speak to your heart.

Briya Freeman has been facilitating courses in meditation, modern spirituality and natural living since 2011. She is the creator of The Bloom Project, an 8-week online course for women in ayurveda, self-care and radiant living.  Her principal inspiration comes from a long term mentorship under the guidance of Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a female mystic and shaman, and over 10+ years in the practice of ayuveda, western herbalism, yoga, meditation and ceremony. As a facilitator, she is known to be revitalizing, insightful and heartfelt.

Sadhanas, Spiritual Fitness, a practice to open the mind and awaken the soul

In this 60 minute experiential workshop, participants will learn; what sadhana is and its purpose, how to approach this practice and how to apply it in your daily life, experience in a group, a sadhana called “The Touching Earth Sadhana”, purpose of this sadhana is to connect to Mother Earth, to let go of life-diminishing thoughts and energies that no longer serve you and to release to Her all things that the participant no longer needs. To draw strength and stability through this powerful meditation sadhana and to make a conscious link between the physical body and the earth.  Participants will learn to transfer energy they no longer need back to Mother Earth for her to transmute as She sees fit.  Supplies needed: each participant would require a small dish of earth or sand. Once the sadhana and meditation is completed, each participant will be asked to offer the soil or sand back to Mother Earth.

L. M. Blanchard (Luc) has studied different forms of meditation for the past twenty years and has been active in spiritual exploration and meditation ever since his early childhood. In January 2013, he attended the Oneness University in India, where he experienced his personal awakening during a twenty-eight-day meditative process.  His books have been published by Burnstown Publishing House, both of which focus on spiritual awakening and human consciousness.  His first book The Golden Link to Oneness, won the 2015 Living Now Book Award in the Spirituality and Enlightenment category.  He returned to India in October of 2017 and completed an intensive Hatha yoga teacher training program, teaches and gives regular yoga and meditation retreats and workshops in the Ottawa Valley area, has a meditation blog series on for Arianna Huffington,Founder/CEO of Huffington Post.  In 2018, his first screenplay “The Ladybug & The Dagger” won the Los Angeles Film Awards for Best Action Screenplay as well as winning an honorable mention for First Time Screenwriter from the Festigious International Film Festival.

Contact Dance – Embodied Expression

Imagine a playground of the senses where you can engage in conscious connections of touch, play and movement. We will explore a tapestry woven with curiosity, consent and contact through simple and fun exercises before moving into the freedom of a contact jam. Contact Dance is an improvised artform accessible to all shapes, sizes and abilities, with no experience necessary.  Please come play!

Jesse Buck is a yoga teacher, community visionary, reiki and sound healer.  He facilitates wellness leadership programs with students and teachers across Toronto, hosts community events such as men’s circles, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances and sound journeys. Along with an array of sacred sounds and instruments, he plays crystal singing bowls tuned to the frequency of 432hz allowing for a deep state of relaxation and healing with guided meditation. His mission is to inspire others to become empowered through breath, playful movement and self love.

Meditation and Healing Touch

In this session people will learn meditation techniques to heal themselves and the profoundly relaxing art of chakra and element balancing based on Polarity touch.

Jill Mackay MSW has been giving polarity and thai massage session since 1987. She has been honoured to teach yoga for the last 30 years both in the public and private sector. She is a Buddhist practitioner and brings her knowledge of bringing meditation into the healing process.


Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) : Little Town

Play an idyllic village of animal friends as they prepare together for an important festival.

Vasistha Roske is a poet, yoga teacher, and larp facilitator. His first game, Last Item on the Agenda, won the Civics Game Contest 2017 and is to be published in the academic journal, The Good Society, vol. 26. As a recognized designer of challenging games he has given talks on designing for difficult topics. He holds an MA in anthropology and a GC in behavioral science.

Co-host Alex Roberts is a game designer and recognized expert in such topics as queer design, spirituality in roleplaying, and game community safety. She’s written for dozens of roleplaying games, and spoken at conferences around the world. Her first solo work, Star Crossed, is in production and will be on shelves this December.

 Children’s Village

Family yoga: Heart Sounds Yoga – In Harmony with Earth

“Mother Earth”, with her “big heart”, showers many blessings upon all living things. We are all the living elements of nature, inter-connected with Earth and all of creation. We can sustain Earth by living in harmony with her in a way that doesn’t harm her, not to take more than we need and to give back to Earth.  Family yoga is a natural way to support and balance the 5 elements that vibrate and dance within us in a unique way. How we manage them is how we treat nature. Children do this innocently with joy, with an open heart and with their natural willingness to embrace Earth – the whole Earth that rests within us.  This fun and creative hatha yoga class will enhance your “heart essence” and “balanced connection to Earth” with: yoga poses for each element, the walk of the elements and a yoga activity and meditation using the sound current (your voice and acoustic instruments) to honorthe “New Earth.”

Anamda is an experienced yoga and meditation trainer/teacher for children and the whole family Anamda has been inspired to create “Heart Sounds Yoga” after having children reflect the qualities and sound of the “heart “to her over the years. Her classes support children and parents to actively connect with their “heart essence” using the sound current and a multi-layered, creative approach with yoga and meditation.  Anamda has two certificates in children’s teacher training (children and teens), extensive training in yoga and meditation with Berdhanya Swami Tierra, her Spiritual teacher, as well as a strong background in health promotion.

Family Yoga

This is a fun, inspiring family yoga class. We will use rhythm, songs and stories to encourage us as we move through warm-ups, postures, partner sequences, breathwork and meditation. This class is designed to promote closeness between children and adults, relaxation and to provide a child-friendly introduction to yoga, pranayam and meditation.

Sarah Gagnon is an Ottawa-based Yoga, meditation and fitness instructor.  She teaches for  the City of Ottawa and the YMCA as well as privately. She has been a student of yoga for almost 15 years and has trained with both classical and kundalini masters.  She has worked for over five years as a pre-natal, family, mom and baby, and adult yoga instructor. She also hosts regular workshops for women which combine aerobic fitness, yoga, meditation and an intuitive sharing circle. When not chasing her three young children around, she also teaches weekly dance fitness classes and does intuitive readings.

 Sacred Ceremony

Opening & Closing Ceremonies

with Bermalva, The Bhakti Connection & Friends

The opening and closing rites performed during the festival are an important and potent anchoring point for gathering and containing the energies specific to each years’ festival evolution.  They open a platform for all to ground, centre and align with the Cosmic and Earth forces present for focus. Each year the rites change according to the needs of that particular time and space – reassuring and uplifting the flow of the festival, as a weekend-long sacred ceremony.

 Join the opening on Friday at 5pm and closing on Sunday at 4:30pm


Agni Hotra Ceremonies

An invitation to attend sunset fire puja ceremonies called Agni Hotra.
A Bio-energetic scientific harmonizing session, for environmental purification.  Learn how to; reduce stress through purification of the atmosphere, heal the planet and ourselves through a simple practice that takes only minutes a day, restore the nutritional balance in nature for healthy organic gardens and farms.

catch  Agni Hotra ceremonies at sundown on Friday and Saturday

Campfire Chanting Circle

Carved out of a natural amphitheater of sand, this epic evening camp fire is one of the single most memorable parts of the festival. All voices and instruments join together round the warm fire, roasting marshmallows and singing heartfelt hymns into the late of the night.  Weather permitting, fires are stoked both Friday and Saturday night at the festival.

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