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Yoga and chanting in pure nature.

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5pm – Opening Ceremonies at Main Stage- with special guests Broken Arrow drummers & The Bhakti Connection


Yoga class
6:00 Contact Dance – Embodied Expression
Jesse Buck
Disconnect to Reconnect
Stacey Sinclair
7:30 sacred sound journey
Rebecca White Raven
Yin Yoga
Melanie St-Jean
Workshop Yoga class
7:30 Meditation and Healing Touch
Jill Mackay
Yoga with core strength, forearm balance and inversions
Braydon Lajeunesse
9:00 Intro to Qi gong
Phillip Lai
Family Yoga
Cera Gagnon
10:30 Guided meditation to connect with mother gaia and the elemental spirit of naturea
Lani Galbraith
Inner Yin
Brenna Wyman
1:00 The Healing Trees
Robbie Anderman
Breath yoga
Stef Cassie
2:30 The Power of Voice – Vocal Improvisation Playshop
Marie-Lynne Sauve
Aroma yoga – Delight your senses with yoga, sound healing music and essential oils
Johanna Paquin
4:00 Ayurveda For A New Planetary Consciousness
Briya Freeman
Nuture You – Vinyasa/mindful Hatha
Naomi Elder
6:00 Dance the Yoga of Life
Celine Gingras
Calling your Spirit!
Lil’ Bear
7:30 Sadhanas, Spiritual Fitness, a practice to open the mind and awaken the soul
Luc Blanchard

Workshop Yoga class
7:30 Awakening the Priestess
Hatha Flow Class with Sylvie Gouin – Stability. Ease. Silence. Radiance
Sylvie Gouin
9:00 Pranayama
Hari Baldevta
Laughter yoga
Gen Bisson
10:30 Enlightened sustainability
Anahat Shabd
Kundalini Yoga: Accessing your Infinite Creativity
Jiwan Tera
1:00 Spiritual sustainability
Berdhanya Swami
Family Yoga
Anamda Sly
2:30 LARP (Live Action Role Play)
Journeying into Bliss with Dharma Yoga – featuring a Healing Soundscape by Rebecca White Raven
Justine Hoang4:30 pm Closing Ceremonies with The Bhakti Connection and friends at Main Stage

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