Our vibrant Vendor Village is the perfect place to showcase your organic, handmade and sustainably made products.

Tasty food, treats, products and holistic health services welcome!


Vendor Village Information


Vendor registration will be available here February 2020.


– One Day Vendors: $99
– Full Weekend Vendors: $199
– Electricity: $50 (regardless of one day or full weekend)

Vendor Perks

– 2 VIP bracelets (additional bracelets avail. for food vendors only)
– 1 table and 2 chairs (you many bring more of your own)
– ample booth space
– access to all workshops, classes and concerts
– promotion on our website
– electricity (if needed *additional costs apply*)
– a great festival experience!

We take no more than 2 of the same type of vendors (aka. Only 2 clothes vendors etc).

Where Is The Festival?

Our address is 166 Ch. Himmelman, Ladysmith, Quebec, J0X 2A0


From Ottawa/Wakefield
– Take the 366 HWY West until Bryson Rd, which is just West of the Ladysmith intersection
– Turn Left on Bryson Rd. and continue to the T intersection
– Turn Left onto Himmelman Rd.
– Turn Left on next driveway, #166 Ch. Himmelman.

From Ottawa/Aylmer/Renfrew
– Take Hwy 148 West to Shawville, Quebec
– Turn Right onto Hwy 303 North
– Once close to Ladysmith (approx 15 mins) turn left on Himmelman Rd. (comes just after Yach Rd)
– Keep on Himmelman until #166 (don’t turn left at Schwartz at fork in Rd.)

You will be directed where to go for unloading from there.

Upon Entry

Drive directly to the front gate and check in, you will be given 2 VIP bracelets, day program with sitemap.

You will then be instructed to proceed to the Vendor Village on the driveway reserved for vendors/artists. There is ample parking provided near the Vendor Village.

After parking check in with the Vendor Coordinator to find your table/booth space which will be pre-marked. The Vendor Coordinator will be there to assist you, and relieve you if necessary, for short periods over the course of the festival.

Driving into festival grounds with your car to unload directly in your vendor space is ONLY AVAILABLE BEFORE 5PM FRIDAY. After 5pm on Friday, NO cars are permitted to enter past the vendor parking area, so you must carry your wares from the parking space.


Clean water for food prep, washing, etc . will be available to food vendors. Regular bathroom facilities are open to everyone else.


One great thing about this festival is that the location is completely off-grid. For vendors there will be access to electricity through a generator. Please note if you require electricity on the registration form. All energy users will be placed in the same area.

There is an additional fee of $50 for electricity. Please indicate this on your registration form and pay for it via your vendor ticket.

If you have your own quiet inverter generator, you can bring it and use it at the festival – please note this on your registration form. If you are unsure if your generator is a quiet inverter type, please contact the vendor coordinator.

Merchandise, Table and Display

Your booth is your personal responsibility, however if you need to leave your booth you may ask our Vendor Coordinator or festival volunteers to step in and watch your table for a few minutes.

Please keep your display clean, free of garbage and clutter, and professional. Bring a covering for your table!!! If the vendor coordinator feels your booth does not comply with the above mentioned points, you will be asked to remedy the situation at once.

You will be provided with ONE table. If you wish to bring additional tables, racks displays, please do! Space in and around your booth is not limited – however be considerate to your neighbours.

You will be responsible to bring a tent/shelter/covering for shade or passing rain clouds (I’m not even going to suggest rain for the weekend!) If you don’t think you need to bring one – that is up to you.

The festival does not provide tent/booth coverings. (They tend to go on sale @ Canadian Tire etc in early August if you would like to buy one)

Wind Preparation & Tying Down Your Booth

Please note that the vendor village is next to an open field, and under the right weather conditions, can be windy. Please bring a bucket or bag (grocery bags or garbage bags will do nicely) to fill with sand or water onsite.

The vendor coordinator can direct you to the sand pit, with shovel provided. Alternatively, if you have heavy items or object that are 20 pounds or more, you can tie the legs of your booth shelter with them.

Min. 20 pounds/leg of booth shelter to keep your shelter anchored please. Bring rope or ties to attach.

Sharing A Booth Space With Another Exhibitor

It is possible to share your booth space with another exhibitor. You may share a booth space with no more than one other vendor, they will be required to send a separate registration form indicating sharing a booth with you. You will agree to share the same tent/shelter, provided by yourselves.

*Only one payment from both exhibitors will be necessary

Duration / Set-up

Vendor are welcome to be open for business as long as they wish during the festival hours and are asked to clearly post their open/closed hours.

Vendor area is open from Friday 5pm – Sunday 5pm It is not necessary to come Friday, as long as you are set up for 10am on the Saturday or Sunday.

You may also choose to vend for one of the two days, instead of both.

Vendors are strongly encouraged to come set up Friday BEFORE 5pm, as you would be able to drive your car to your vendor spot and set up easily. AFTER 5pm Friday, NO cars are permitted in the vendor area for safety reasons, you will be expected to carry in your supplies etc.. Vendor parking is located very close to the vending area.

Tear down is at the end of the festival, Sunday after 3pm, no earlier. If you really need to leave earlier, please advise Vendor Coordinator. Vendors choosing to pack-up before 3pm on Sunday will not be asked back.

Agreeing to attend the festival as a vendor means you agree to respect this timing – and many festival goers make their purchases close to when they leave also.

*Camping close to your booth is an option for vendors only. Your booth will be your responsibility, vendors often either sleep under their booth or cover the walls of their booth with tarps/fabric to indicate “booth not open” overnight. Also, depending on your set up, you can leave for the night and return the following morning.

Links to nearby accommodations can be found on www.bhaktiinthewoods.com.

Festival officially closes at 5pm Sunday.

Food And Drink

There will be food and drink onsite for purchase. Food and drinks are offered throughout the day from a variety of vendors, snacks, desserts, coffee/tea, drinks etc.

The info booth will be selling water bottles and drinking water will be provided at the festival. House on location will NOT be available for refilling water bottles.

Wash water for hands/dishes will be available near bathrooms.


As part of a consciousness raising event, we wish to impart the idea of “pack it in, pack it out”. Any garbage/recycling you generate is to go home with you when packing up.

If you manifest a large amount of garbage/recycling (like with food or drink selling) you can leave it at the festival, paying $2 per bag – this is what it costs the festival to dispose of it locally.

That said, please use environmentally friendly packaging and products, paper can be burnt onsite, simply take paper waste to fire pit at end of day, or use reusable, or recyclable items. Compost can be collected onsite and recycled as well (for food items only).

Food vendors accumulating bags of waste, please pay $2 per garbage bag to festival Info booth upon leaving/pack-up.

Drug And Alcohol Use

As a ‘dry festival’, we do not sell or promote the use of illegal drugs or alcohol on site. It is forbidden to use these substances at your vendor booth.

If the vendor coordinator notices or staff receives complains (as we did in previous years), a discussion and possible dismissal of vendor may take place.

Can I Bring My Children?

Yes for sure, this is a family oriented festival.

However if you are working at your booth as a vendor, we insist you have a designated caretaker for your child(ren) at all times.

Children under 12 are not permitted to roam freely at the festival due to safety reasons, and must be under adult supervision at all times.


Bring your own float (cash) for making change.

If customers are wondering where the nearest ATM machine is, they can withdraw $ at the Ladysmith Gas Station, Bretzlaff’s store, for a small fee. Otherwise Shawville is the closest town with banks, 15 mins from festival.

There is limited cell reception so if you use electronic transactions, it may not work.


We ask that all of our vendors in the Vendor Village solidly commit to help promote the festival and attract potential customers through the various channels, such as social media, email lists, word of mouth, postering at your facility, etc. In fact, it’s through our integral supporters, like yourself, that word gets around and a financially successful weekend ends for you!

Please visit our FaceBook page or explore the website to gather info or images for promotion. Your vendor coordinator can assist you if needed.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your registration more than 3 weeks prior to event, you will receive 100% refund.

If you cancel between 2-3 weeks prior, you will receive 50% refund.

For cancellations within 2 weeks of event, NO refund.

Cancellation notification must be received in writing or by conversation to: Vendor Coordinator: Bermalva Porter ​(bindutoojas@gmail.com)

Registration And Payment

To register you must complete the Vendor Registration form here on the webstie and once approved, purchase your vendor ticket.

Once payment is received you will be considered fully registered and cancellation policies will be in effect (see notes above).


We look forward to having you create the Vendor Village!