Much more than the idea of volunteering, the Seva Crew promotes the practice of selfless service and karma yoga. We accept help from everyone, regardless of ability. For offering your time and service, join the festival free of charge – a unique and heartfelt way to contribute to the vibes at the festival.

Want to help give back to your community and participate in SEVA at Bhakti in the Woods?

Curious about what happens behind the scenes?

Contact Lila to become a volunteer!

We couldn’t do it without you.




How do I become a volunteer?

Email our volunteer coordinator Lila. Tell her about yourself and your skills. Volunteer spots go quickly so contact her ASAP!

What is the time commitment during the festival?

Volunteers are expected to work anywhere from 8-12 hours throughout the weekend.

Will I be able to participate in classes?

Anytime you aren’t scheduled you can participate in festivities.

Where can I find the volunteer schedule during the festival?

We keep a schedule at the front gate and info booth all weekend. Printing a copy for yourself is suggested.

How many volunteers does BITW need for the weekend?

20 max. Volunteer spots go quickly so email Lila as soon as possible!

Can I bring my kids to volunteer with me?

Yes. As long as you let Lila know and they don’t interfere with your volunteer duties.

Do I need to be bilingual?

No. Although the festival is in Quebec, the primary language of most festival attendees is English.

What is BITW looking for in their volunteers?

We love yogis who work well in a team, are responsible and take initiative. Adaptability and stepping up to help out are key.

What are the different volunteer roles during the festival?


  • Greet everyone with a smile
  • Ticket sales
  • Receive volunteers/musicians – check off on list, give them welcome package and direct them to drive backstage
  • Give out wristbands
  • Give out programs
  • Answer questions


  • Sale of items (food/ goods)
  • Sale of CDs – record how many were given by artist and how many sold
  • Answer questions
  • Pay out and return unsold CDs back to musicians
  • First aid


  • Monitor and pick up litter throughout the festival
  • Empty compost bins when full
  • Empty trash bins when full
  • Empty toilets when buckets are half full into the compost area and rinse out buckets
  • Place fresh buckets in toilet
  • Cover bottom of bucket with sawdust to start
  • Restock sawdust and paper and wipe down seats
When will I receive my volunteer schedule?

You’ll receive the schedule a few days before the festival. Shifts are subject to change last minute so it’s important to be flexible and keep an open mind.

Can I choose to volunteer for one day?

Yes. Ensure Lila knows this when you contact her.

Do I have to make a deposit to become a volunteer?
Yes. Each volunteer is required to make a $50 deposit to ensure your commitment to the festival.
The deposit will be reimbursed either in full amount of $50, or $25 + volunteer t-shirt, after the festival has wrapped up.